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Philadelphia, PA

Work on some of the hottest political issues of the day, from fighting the overuse of antibiotics on factory farms, to promoting campaign finance reform and tackling Citizens United, improving voter access for students and underrepresented communities and advocating for a 21st century transportation system.

This fall, the Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group (PennPIRG) is seeking intern candidates to help run grassroots organizing media outreach campaigns on these issues and more. 

An internship with PennPIRG gives qualified and disciplined individuals the opportunity to work side-by-side with our talented staff, studying some of our nation’s most pressing problems and breaking them down into manageable projects, ones in which the outcomes can be influenced by the right combination of careful research, a smart political strategy, and demonstrable public support. 

Throughout the semester, interns will work with staff to:

• Identify and develop relationships with coalition partners and members to coordinate grassroots campaign activities. 

• Coordinate media events, assist in the preparation of news releases and opinion pieces

• Conduct research into critical public policy problems and prepare investigative reports

• Work side by side with one of our organizers, learning the ropes

Most PennPIRG interns are undergraduate or graduate students in law, public policy, economics, urban studies or environmental studies, but students in any area of study may apply. Intern supervisors provide ongoing training. 

How To Apply

Interested students should submit a compelling cover letter and resume to Mike Roles at

To learn more about these initiatives or other PennPIRG campaigns, please visit our website at

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