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Erica Moffitt

For the 26th year, a research group has released their toy safety guide just in time for your holiday shopping.

It turns out, there quite a few dangerous toys. We were showed everything from an Elmo cell phone to a paperback book.

As part of their annual toy safety report entitled ‘Trouble in Toy Land, the Pennsylvania Public Interest Research Group looks at things like the toxic chemical contents of toys to their potentially harmful noise levels and threat as a choking hazard.

During Tuesday's presentation, a number of toys currently being sold in stores including plastic dinosaur figures and small charm-like pieces were shown as examples of choking hazards. When trying to determine if a toy poses the same risk to your child, try this.

“If it fits through a toilet paper roll, it is too small for someone younger than the age of three,” stated Vanessa Wright of the PA Public Interest Research Group.

As for potentially harmful chemicals like phalates and lead, there are still plenty of toys out there like a sleep mask and even a paperback book that exceed the suggested limits for these things. For that reason it's suggested that if you don't know what's in a toy, don't let your child put it in their mouth.

Lastly, toys that can harm a child's hearing were discussed. A toy Elmo cell phone and Hot Wheels car, were just two examples of products that are too loud for little ears.

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