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Catherine Ngo

The health-insurance industry is getting desperate.

Funding a bogus study claiming that health-care reform will drive up the cost of coverage ("Health-plan Lobby's Tough," Oct. 13) is part of a last-ditch effort to derail reform. Despite the scare tactics, Congress is making headway.

The passage of the Senate Finance Committee health reform bill last week is a major step forward in making health care affordable.

It includes necessary cost-containment measures, including aggressive payment reforms that reward quality, well-coordinated care rather than paying solely based on the number of procedures. If this bill gets combined with the best policies in the Senate Health Committee's bill, the resulting legislation would finally deliver relief from the skyrocketing cost of health care.

However, the resulting health-reform bill will still need to pass both houses of Congress. Pennsylvania's members of Congress must reduce the burden of health care costs on families and small businesses and pass comprehensive reform this year.

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