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Local Group Calls for Stronger Food Safety Laws

A Pennsylvania consumer-advocacy group is calling for food safety reforms.
John McDevitt

KYW’s John McDevitt reports
that the recent recall of half a billion eggs is just one of 85 recalls involving 153 food companies over the past 14 months.

Alana Miller (right), with PennPIRG — the Public Interest Research Group of Pennsylvania — says Congress must pass the FDA Food Modernization Act:

“Consumers in Pennsylvania and around the country deserve to know that our food is safe.”

Miller says the act will help in three key areas:

“First, requiring regular inspection frequency. Second, by having traceback provisions.  And lastly, by having mandatory recall authority given to the FDA.”

According to newly released study called “Recipe for Disaster,” done in part by by PennPIRG, there were 56 recalls in Pennsylvania since July 2009 due to contaminated food.

Miller says it’s important for the public to get involved:

“We do need this bill passed, and letting people know that there is a bill and there are politics makes a huge difference in everyday people’s lives — and what’s on their breakfast table.”

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