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News Release | PennPIRG | COVID-19

New analysis: Pennsylvania receives “trending poorly” marks for COVID-19 containment measures

With America as a whole continuing to struggle in containing the COVID-19 virus, PennPIRG released a new fact sheet today calling on Pennsylvania to maintain all current restrictions related to COVID-19 and take additional measures to improve containment. 

News Release | PennPIRG | COVID-19

Philadelphia City Council passes bill to protect workers during COVID-19 reopening

As much of Southeastern Pennsylvania enters the “green phase” of reopening, with fewer COVID-19-related restrictions, the City Council voted to approve a bill to protect workers who speak up about coronavirus-related safety concerns. If Mayor Jim Kenney signs the bill into law, it will be illegal for employers to fire, discipline, or otherwise retaliate against these workers. PennPIRG encourages Mayor Kenney to sign the bill into law and the city to enforce it to ensure the health and safety of workers and the public. 

News Release | PennPIRG | COVID-19

PennPIRG raises alarm about potential utility shut-offs for 800,000 Pennsylvanians

The Pennsylvania state moratorium banning utilities from shutting off essentials such as electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications could end soon. To ensure that Pennsylvanians facing the double whammy of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the recession don’t have further burdens, PennPIRG is calling for the legislature to approve allocating $150 million from Pennsylvania’s remaining CARES Act funds to reimburse utility companies on behalf of ratepayers who cannot pay.

News Release | PennPIRG | Democracy

Pennsylvania elections present another test case in COVID-19 voting

Pennsylvania held its primary elections Tuesday. Even before the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), more Pennsylvanians than ever were going to vote by mail given the state’s expansion of mail-in voting last fall. However, the spread of COVID-19 has accelerated that shift towards more mail-in voting. Compounding matters, recent civil unrest in response to police brutality led many counties to consolidate polling locations.

News Release | U.S. PIRG Education Fund | Consumer Tips, COVID-19

Consumer advice: Ask for help with your bills before an emergency

This coming Monday, June 1, will mark the third full month that bills are due since COVID-19 was declared a national state of emergency in March. To help Americans manage their finances, U.S. PIRG Education Fund has published an updated guide with tips on what to do about paying bills during the crisis.


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